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The heart of every building (house,office) is the plumbing.  The quality of the used materials is highly important as well as the compatibility between their use. In other words, it is very important  the pipes and fittings that will be used to be certified and guaranteed in oprder to provide a reference for the correct connection. This problem can be to solved by integrated water supply - sewerage - heating.  An integrated system consists of pipes and fittings from the same manufacturer and have additional certification beyond the material and the quality of the connection.

MECHANICAL SOLUTIONS recommends the following systems:

  • HEATING - WATER SUPPLY (multilayer pipe)

    MLM Pipe (multilayer) UPONORΗ UPONOR

It is a plumbing industry from Germany which exports to many countries around the world, with 100 years experience manages to help professionals and end users by providing quality, variety, security, reliability and security of all systems. The multilevel system of pipes and fittings unipipe of UPONOR is the most  modern plumbing system plumbing and heating.

    MLM Pipe (multilayer) UNIDELTA

UNIDELTA is an Italian company founded in 1973 with the production of plastic, laminated tube for the construction of water supply and heating. UNIDELTA is a pioneer in hydro - thermo - ware with over 30 years experience and a guarantee of quality you are looking for and stamped at every stage of the production process for each product. 

  • DRAINAGE PIPE polypropene (PP) rubber ring OSTENDORF

OSTENDORF is a German company with extensive experience in the field of plastic pipes and fittings.

Polypropylene is a material which has high resistance to corrosion by microorganisms or chemical waste, thus avoiding clogging of the tubes.

For linking between fittings and pipe we avoid usage of chemical glue since the edge comes with elastomeric rings are special connectors. The rings that are extremely durable, manufactured in accordance with European standards and guaranteed for life as much of the construction. Some advantages of the tube and the components are:

·        Resistance to chemicals

·         Soundproofing

·         Easy to process pipe - fitting