Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a reliable and effective form of heating because it combines cost-efficiency with the ultimate hygience while offering ideal space heating.

In this system, the hot water supply of temperature 32-40 ° C is passed through piping which achieves good thermal endodapedia_thermansi_135.jpgcontact with the floor of the building materials and converts it to a radiator that distributes  uniformly in all directions. The maximum surface temperature of the floor is 26-29 ° C, so it is  lower than t human's body temperature,  providing a feeling of comfort. The heat of the floor keeps our feet warm and quicly heats the cold stream from doors and cracks.At the same time we achive an area without radiators which can be decorated as desired. Due to the uniform distribution of heat, the zero losses of heat  and floor mat of the correct temperature level, we are able to achieve comfort conditions with the temperature lowered by at least 2 ° C which means an annual energy savings of 3-6%. 

Why underfloor heating?
Thermal comfort and hygienic environment:  fanger.jpg
The horizontal and indirect heating of the space results in the achievement of an ideal temperature distribution of the human body and the lack of dryness of the air due to low temperatures. Moreover preventing air streams and dust generated by conventional heating methods and maintaining the humidity in the room, creates more ideal conditions, especially for people with chronic asthma and allergy problems. It has been observed that  warming room with modern heating surfaces (floor, wall mounted) which has resulted in an increase in temperature of the components can achieve wellness of the individual at a lower air temperature.

Cooling with underfloor heating
The underfloor heating is ideal for cooling. When referring to the concept of cooling, we mean the transmute of the floor of each room in a huge cold surface. For those wishing to avoid the ordinary and unhealthy ways of cooling, the floor can be converted into a huge cold surface which distributes water to 18 C within existing pipework underfloor heating. The underfloor cooling is an operating system that provides comfort by absorbing the heat uniformly from all directions. The advantage is that it offers comfort and healthy environment, uniform temperature,  large energy savings, reduction of losses from the floor, lack of air currents, reduced initial cost due to exploitation of existing  piping and refrigerant machine. The benefits are the large thermal capacity and the inertia of the system.

Advantages of underfloor heating
Thermal comfort -  uniform temperature distribution  
Interior Architectural comfort
Lower energy consumption  
Ability to use alternative energy sources (sun - wood - geothermal energy - heat pump, etc.).  
Hygiene: Due to low temperatures there are air currents and hence particle transport in space.  
It doesn't dry the air in the room
Cooling the area with the same piping system