Solar water heater

Solar water heater

After the oil crisis in 1973 there was an important activity in the thermal use of solar energy in Greece. The solar water heater is an active solar system that heats water using solar radiation. It is widely used in countries that have plenty of sunshine, as for example in the Mediterranean countries and in Greece.

Solar water heater is the simplest and best known solar device. During operation we have exploitation of two both natural phenomena. With the starting of the heater, water movement is achieved naturally without mechanical components (pumps, etc..) while water heating is done by holding the greenhouse grown at collectors.
Solar Water Heater
•    Closed Circuit
•    High pressure
•    Selective collector
•    Hot-dip galvanized base
•    2-way & 3-way energy

Water storage tanksuntech-boilerrr+_ilika.png
From cold rolled steel, with double inner layer of enamel, baked at 860oC. The enameling done privately owned high-tech industrial facilities.
Perimeter heat exchanger (mantle) with an internal expansion tank of cold rolled steel for the operation of the closed circuit.  
Thermal insulation expanded ecological polyurethane high density (40kg / m³) makes minimal heat loss, keeping the temperature of hot water.  
Outer casing made of stainless steel AISI 304, cathodic protection with magnesium anode f22Ch300mm, electrical resistance, automatic adjustable thermostat bipolar spare fuse protection.

Solar collectorsile3.png
External one-piece aluminum frame of aesthetic formed in deep extrusion press made of aluminum shipbuilding, rich in magnesium. Robust construction for ultimate seal of the collector.
Dual thermal insulation is achieved by a layer of expanded polyurethane ecological, high density, thickness 20/ 25mm and with a second layer of rockwool precompressed, 30/ 55 mm thick coated with black fiberglass to minimize heat losses.  Hydro skeleton of copper tubes welded with hard soldering method of ultrasound.
Single selective copper absorber formed of copper foil thickness 0,2 mm with special titanium coating in vacuum, high absorbency  covering the entire surface of the window, and the supply and return pipes, increasing the absorptive capacity of the collector, high frequency welded. Special plastic support and sealing the inner casing, specially designed for ventilation of the collector sensor-enabled support.