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Mechanical Solutions provides the ideal solution for your needs.  Warm up and start saving with Wood Boilers, Pellet Boilers, Multiple combustion Boilers , biomass boilers.
See the detailed features of each option and find the perfect boiler for you.

Wood Boilers                    

Wood boilers that installed in the boiler room does not have restrictions to maximum power which have fireplaces and stoves and can easily heat huge spaces. In wood boilers come across two categories, the simple wood boilers and the modern gasification boilers. In simple boilers burning is not controlled or is partially controlled by an air damper which opens and closes according to the boiler temperature control and a degree of oxygen coming into the combustion space and hence the intensity of the combustion of wood. The temperature of the water in the bodies can not be precisely controlled and this often observed phenomenon the temperature in the room is more than we ask.  In gasification boilers or otherwise reverse flame boilers burning wood made in two stages.  At first the wood burning in the upper chamber to the method of reverse flame. The gases produced in the first chamber are driven down where in the second chamber are burned in a ceramic component in very high temperature performance offering up to 92%.  

A fan sends oxygen or closed completely  the airtight enclosed combustion space controlling greatly the burning of wood in accordance with the demand that exists from the thermostat. This way the temperature adequately controlled so as not departing from the desired limits or almost closed when there is no need. Since combustion takes place with a high efficiency of combustion residues i.e. ashes are  very little in amount relative to the simple burning avoiding this how the daily cleaning of the boiler

Pellet Boilers    

Pellet boilers are very economic to use and easy to install. Its combustible material (pellet) is stored in a tank (silo) and guided into the chamber Combustion automatically by means of a screw that promotes the amount needed to afford the desired temperature.  The combustion of the pellet, which is by means of a modern burner pellet, warms water boiler later through mains will be released in colleges.


Automated operation 

The high tech electronic control panel takes full operation of boiler, the automatic ignition by supplying the appropriate amount of fuel. With specially designed fire tubes and combustion chamber four routes.  Achieve the desired temperature in a very short time. Even with controlling the amount of combustion air, the boiler maintains constant desired temperature in the chamber, therefore the fuel consumption is reduced to minimum. 


The design of the boiler greatly facilitates the process of importing fuel and easy cleaning and features a self-cleaning system.  At the same time, the built-in fuel tank autonomous operation for long periods intervals. The varity of fuels is from pellets & wood to corn, pits, almond skins etc. 


   Biomass Boiler

In an existing system heating, biomass boilers can generally replace a conventional boiler, or connected in parallel with this.