25/09/2014 01:09


Water is one of the most important nutrients needed by the human body, since it carries all the water-soluble components (such as proteins, vitamins B & C) which are necessary for the cells, tissues and organs to function correctly. 

It even carries oxygen to the cells, regulates body temperature, cleanses the kidneys to expel body toxins, transports solid body waste and functions as a valuable source of trace minerals such as manganese and magnesium.

    Water quality problems and various methods of solving

    Depending on water usage it should have specific qualities. For example, drinking water, intended either for direct consumption or for either food production, it should:

    1 does not contain either too many or a lot salt, 

    2 do not contain oxides of iron, copper and other metals, 

    3 different water features to be within the permissible limits (TDS, conductivity, etc..) 

    4 be free of harmful microorganisms, 

    5. not containing soil, sand, suspended solids generally 

    6 is odorless and colorless, completely transparent, 

    7 does not contain chlorine over a limit, if possible at all, 

    8 does not contain toxic substances, such as oils, acids, heavy metals, etc..

    Today our company feautures and applies advanced technologies in water treatment, products for household and professional use such as:

      • Reverse Osmosis Household Systems

      • Reverse Osmosis Systems for Professional use 

      • UV disinfection systems for drinking water

      • Water filter devices at the point of use

      • Reverse osmosis Water dispenser 

      • Desalination Units - dechlorination

      • Central supply Filters

      • Solid Filters - Activated Carbon

      • Polyfosfaton Filters - Resin

      • Mineral enrichment Filters

      • Shower filters

      • Water quality control