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Heat pump is a complete heating and cooling system in which there is a reversible refrigeration cycle in order to the condenser to become the evaporator and vice versa.

Heat pump consists of:                            
  •  The compressor
  •  The condenser
  •  The evaporator        
  •  The expansion valve
  •  The four-way valve
  •  The control system


The classification of the heat pump is based on:

       The means where it pumps from and the means it expels:

  • Air-Air
  • Air–Water
  • Water-Air
  • Ground-Air
  • Ground-Water

          The position of the various mechanisms :

  • Uniform or autonomous (Compact)
  • Split or bilateral type (Split Units)

           The way the reversion is achieved :

  • Fixed refrigerant circuit
  • Variable refrigerant circuit

Application Categories

  • Low Temperature System

Underfloor heating: The underfloor heating water temperature ranges from 35oC to 45oC

Fan coil

Cooling/ Cooling Ceiling/ Fan coil.  In system cooling / cooling ceiling water temperature ranges from 7oC to 18oC.  Control of the system is achieved by automating the control of dew point.

Hot water (ΖΝΧ)

Pool Heating

  • High temperatures up to 80oC

The temperature ranges up to 80oC

Installation on existing boiler system is simple and economical

  • High temperatures up to 65οC

The temperature ranges up to 65οC

Installation on existing boiler system is simple and economical

  • Heat pump Cooling/ Heating up to 55oC


  • Geothermy

Α.  Closed system of shallow geothermy.

Β.  Open geothermy system

Benefits of Heat Pump
  • Energy saving
  • Enviromental Protection
  • Installation - machinery space
  • maintenance cost
  • Flexible interface applications
  • Reliability - Quality
  • Smart management